Vibrating Brush EDEN
Vibrating Brush EDEN

Vibrating Brush EDEN

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Looking for a way to cleanse your skin while toning it? 
Opt for this Vibrating Cleansing Brush that will not only gently and thoroughly cleanse your skin, but will also tone it and stimulate the production of Collagen.

Thanks to its round shape and its many pimples, you can also use it to massage your face and thus promote blood circulation, giving you a real well-being effect.

Our compact Vibrating Cleansing Brush takes up little space. It can follow you wherever you go - at home, when you're traveling or with friends.

Why is it important to thoroughly cleanse your skin?
The skin tends to accumulate dead cells on the surface, forming a barrier that prevents the proper penetration of our various skincare products and creams.
Thoroughly cleansing the skin helps to boost circulation and thus revive the complexion, oxygenate the skin and rid it of all its impurities.
This makes the skin softer and smoother but also prevents premature aging.

Hygienic and practical, it will help you keep your skin healthy and radiant! This brush will become an indispensable part of your beauty routine.
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